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The mission of the management and staff of United H.V.A.C. Services is to

offer quality service to our clients with an economical price tag, while providing

services rangingfrom commercial, residential, industrial new construction

and retrofits. Performing eachtask with the same level of professionalism and quality as our goal. At United, we customize our service plans not only to satisfy our clients' needs, but also tailored to fit each budget.

United HVAC Services

We Get the Job Done!

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Our Mission




United HVAC Services

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Our organization was built to provide the highest trained and certified associate/employee for our customers. United HVAC Services has developed a process guaranteed to offer unbiased information upon which Property Mangers, Religious and Healthcare facilities could confidently make decisions and proactively maintain their H.V.A.C systems. We pledge to be the eyes of our customers.


United HVAC Services • 5865 Southwest 21 Street • West Park, Fl 33023 • (305) 625-2901 • (305) 625 -2905 • [email protected]

Service Available 24/7

Call us: (305) 625-2901

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United H.V.A.C Services is licensed in the state of Florida for H.V.A.C contracting.

Florida State License Number: CMC124937

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